There are numerous benefits to volunteering besides just the impact it has on your community. Volunteering is a good way to support others, spend quality time with loved ones, meet new people, and have fun! But did you know volunteering is also good for your health? Volunteering has been shown to improve the way you feel about yourself and actually help combat depression by reducing your risk of isolation. So volunteer for the MOM Race and give back to your self and your community!

Interested in volunteering at the MOM Race?

We have a great group of volunteers that show up year after year to help out with the MOM Race. However, we’re always looking for additional help in the months leading up to the race as well as more volunteers to assist with crowd control, race course management, and clean-up on race day. While we appreciate everyone’s interest in volunteering their time at the MOM Race, it’s the most helpful if you contact us in advance so we can plan accordingly.

Please e-mail our Volunteer Coordinator with your name, address, phone number, availability, adult T-shirt size, and any physical restrictions that might limit your capabilities. If you have any past volunteer experiences or special skills that might make you suitable for a particular role, please mention those otherwise you’ll be placed where the greatest needs are. All new volunteers are required to attend a brief training or arrange an alternative time to meet with the Volunteer Coordinator to go over responsibilities prior to race day.

Note: We are not in need of volunteers for the 2020 Virtual MOM Race, but please keep us in mind for 2021!