Websites & Apps (Last Updated Mar 2021)

Smartphone Apps:

  • Calm: Meditation and sleep stories
  • Happify: Science-based activities and games to elevate happiness
  • Headspace: Relax, sleep and manage stress
  • TalkLife: Depression and anxiety support
  • ThinkUp Positive Affirmations: Daily motivation and self help
  • MATx by SAMHSA: Clinical resources for mental health practitioners to use in medication0assisted treatment for substance abuse disorders
  • Meditopia: Help get calm, reduce stress, sleep well, love, find peace and start a deep discovery within yourself
  • Rootd: A female-led app for those struggling with panic attacks and anxiety
  • SleepTime: Fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up refreshed
  • Suicide Safe by SAMHSA: Suicide prevention learning tool for primary care and behavioral health providers based on SAFE-T practice guidelines.
  • Youper – Overcome social anxiety in 7 minutes a day with your Emotional Health Assistant

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